Additional exegesis - Jude 7

Jude refers to false teachers in the context of 'Sodom and Gomorrah, and like cities..' The Greek of Jude 7 includes '..ekporneusasai (fem. pl.) kai apelthousai (fem. pl.) opiso sarkos eteras...' which literally means 'women who are given over to whoring and going after perversion..'

Using the feminine plural in this context is an example of the way idolatry is described in the Hebrew scriptures, (see Ezekiel 16 as one excellent example of this - the story of Israel's unfaithfulness told as a story of God's beloved's harlotry). Further, sexual acts have little relevance when referring to the teaching of false teachers. The Greek has nevertheless been translated to 'accord with current tradition' in every translation.

The evidence in Isaiah 1:10ff, Ezekiel 16:48-50 and the Gospels has been ignored (as well as the evidence within the story of Sodom itself (see Addendum on Sodom) to make Jude 7 read incorrectly as actual sexual acts. Isaiah, Ezekiel and Jesus are the only ones to refer to the 'sin of Sodom' (either specifically or in the context of another town's actual or potential sin), and speak of Sodom's sin as idolatry, injustice, pride, unbelief, unpreparedness etc. Jude was written after the prophets and Jesus, so Jude's writings would be informed by the clear understanding of the sins of Sodom given by the prophets and Jesus, and should have been translated acordingly.

Ezekiel Chapter 16 should be read to see the context in which vv.48-50 are set, and it becomes clear why the Jude keyword references are in the feminine plural. This is just one of many instances where idolatry was referred to as 'spiritual prostitution, fornication or adultery', which indicate that Jude 7 should be translated in spiritual terms ' the daughters of Sodom who prostituted themselves, and went whoring after other gods, and perverted justice ...'.

Bible translators have misled their readers in Gen 19, by not considering the full Biblical evidence about Sodom and its sins. Its resulting mistranslation, confusion and inaccuracy continues in other references like Jude 7, and fuels condemnation of homosexuals by people who do not understand them, even those homosexuals who love the Lord and live 'blamelessly in love before God'.



Study and analysis in 'Reluctant Journey' and the Addenda show that translators have not only brought error and confusion to the translation of those texts traditionally but incorrectly thought to condemn all homosexuals and the expression of their sexuality, but have translated key phrases and words, and used footnotes in a way that is highly damaging and dangerous to homosexual men and women. It has undoubtedly contributed to the hate crimes that we see in USA, UK and other parts of the world.

This strongly suggests a need for translators to better understand the people, the issue and the Biblical context and linkages that operate for the texts dealing with same-sex immorality in the Bible. It also means that we who love the scriptures must study contextually, for this is the only way to avoid abuse of the scriptures.

Current translations give ignorant, bigoted people a Biblical weapon to hurt and damage homosexuals, although the texts have no relevance to the lives of responsible homosexuals, especially those who are faithful Christians who live in love with God and others according to the teaching of Christ, and to whom God has given His Spirit.

In this, translators bear a heavy responsibility, and the matter should be corrected with the minimum of delay, indicating clearly the position by re-translation and/or suitable footnotes.

I believe that failure to correct this will bring translators, (who might have pleaded ignorance in the past), under the judgment of God, together with those who wilfully misuse the scriptures to attack vulnerable homosexual men and women!

Injustice, not homosexuality, was one of the great sins of Sodom according to Jesus and the prophets. It is those who are unjust in their attitudes and actions toward others, including homosexual men and women, who are the true 'sodomites'!

But there is forgiveness with God for those who have attacked and hurt others, and many new Christian friends to be made - amazingly faithful, courageous homosexual Christian men and women, who love Christ in spite of many of his people's attitude and rejection. We know - we were led, albeit reluctantly, by Christ to open our hearts and minds to these our friends; and God has used them to our great blessing.

So please, open your heart and mind. Take the facts to prayerful study of the Bible - God will lead the way, and give you the courage, strength and all you need to 'love your neighbour' - your homosexual neighbour!

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