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'Reluctant Journey'

A pilgrimage of faith from homophobia

to Christian love

by George S. E. Hopper

George Hopper, a Local Preacher, is an active Christian in the Methodist Church as was wife Carol, until her death in June 2002.

For a long time, like many Christians who have not knowingly met anyone homosexual, George Hopper wanted nothing to do with such people, having always assumed that they had deliberately chosen a way of life that was both unnatural and offensive to God. But what he glimpsed of the lives of some homosexual people through the media and later through the testimony of one gay man caused him to question his long-held assumptions and carefully re-examine the Bible.

The result was a pilgrimage of faith that is described in this book. George and Carol came to realise that they knew little about the matter, and so set out to learn directly for themselves. They began meeting and sharing with homosexual Christians in worship and fellowship, while continuing to research the literature, and prayerfully refining their Bible study in the  light of their new experience and learning.

This book tells us about what they found, and where God has led them. It is for people who take the issue of homosexuality as seriously as they take the Bible; who are prepared to think and pray and be challenged; and who are prepared for the Holy Spirit to lead them into new truth.


Revd Dr Leslie I. Griffiths MA writes:

I've read your Reluctant journey and want to congratulate you on its honesty and courage..... The clear pastoral objective is both edifying and instructive.

The Editor of 'The Salvationist' states:

Reluctant journey is totally biblical in its approach. All Christians ... who find repugnant the idea of welcoming homosexuals into church or corps would benefit from reading this sensible, sensitive book. Written in Christian love, it should be read in the same spirit [20 September 1997]

ISBN 0 9531168 0 8

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