Hopeful signs from around the world!

Good news keeps coming in from various parts of the world in the struggle for justice ! The late 1990s seemed to be God's 'kairos' - God's time to begin setting his lesbian and gay people free from religious bigotry and prejudice!

I was on a Pride march with lesbian and gay Christian friends in 1995! As I walked with only my own thoughts, after chatting to several, I had a 'kind of vision'. From walking in the Pride march one moment, I was briefly 'transported' into the great throng of Israelites coming out of Egypt!! The message was clear - God was bringing his LBGT people out of their captivity into freedom!

As I wrote this in 2006, how wonderfully this was being seen in Gt Britain and much of Europe! Lesbian and gay relationships legally recognised and honoured, in spite of the spitefulness of such as the 'Christian' Institute, Evangelical Alliance and the anti-gay factions in various of the churches and 'christian' cults.

Why can't they grow up spiritually and accept people who are different. Jesus did, so why don't they? They affect to follow him, but deny him with their actions and words on this matter. But 'God's will' will be done!

Praise His Loving Name!

Sure, the battle is far from over, but many individual, community and national battles are being won.

Praise the Lord!


 *Some of the many from the past to remind us of God's workings*

People coming out; New laws on discrimination and Partnership; & New Gay Organisations formed in 1999


BBC Breakfast News TV co-anchorman John Nicolson came out.

The world's first transsexual member of parliament, Georgina Beyer, was elected in New Zealand.

Australia's new ambassador to Denmark, Stephen Brady, presented his partner, Peter Stevens, to Danish Queen Margrethe.

Australian High Court Justice Michael Kirby came out.

Gay Australian Senator Brian Greig used his maiden speech in the Senate to call for gay equality.

Openly gay John Hyde was elected mayor of the Perth, Australia, inner-city municipality Town of Vincent.

Openly transsexual Leigh Varis-Beswick was elected to the town council of Kalgoorlie-Boulder, West Australia.

A member of the Canadian province of Manitoba's legislature, New Democrat Jim Tondeau, said he's gay.

Gay Canadian Olympic gold medalist Mark Tewksbury became an activist for gay immigration rights.

The deputy mayor of Richmond Hill, Ontario, Janet Mabley, acknowledged she is gay.

Spanish Socialist Member of Parliament Miguel Iceta came out.

Dutch national television news' NOS-Journaal reported that the king of Morocco, Sidi Moulay Mohammed (Mohammed VI), is gay.


Five nations now ban discrimination based on sexual orientation via their constitutions: Canada, Ecuador, Fiji, South Africa and Switzerland.

Chile repealed its ban on gay sexual relationships.

Sweden's parliament banned discrimination based on sexual orientation in the job market.

Frank Wolff Hinrichs won Denmark's first anti-gay job discrimination case.

A ruling by Britain's House of Lords opened the door for foreign gays seeking asylum from persecution based on sexual identity.

British Defence Secretary Geoff Hoon has lifted the ban on gays in the military after the European Court of Human Rights ruled it was illegal.

Colombia's Constitutional Court ruled unanimously that the armed forces cannot bar homosexuals.

The Canadian province of Alberta OK'd gay adoption.

Mexico City's Legislative Assembly banned discrimination against gays.


France enacted a registered-partnership law that gives same-sex couples nearly every right of matrimony. There are similar laws in Denmark, Iceland, the Netherlands, Norway and Sweden.

The Legislature of the Canadian province of Ontario amended 67 laws to give gay and  lesbian couples every right accorded common-law opposite-sex couples.

The National Assembly of Quebec gave gay/lesbian couples the same rights as common-law heterosexual couples.

The Australian state of New South Wales gave gay/lesbian couples spousal rights in matters of property, inheritance, alimony and medical decisions.

Namibia's high court ruled that gay couples have the same rights as heterosexual couples.

Hamburg, Germany, set up a registry for gay and lesbian couples.

Former Danish health minister Torben Lund 'married' his boyfriend at Copenhagen city hall.

In an apparent first, two Japanese men got "married" at a Shinto shrine.

Several dozen Bulgarian gays published an ad in the daily newspaper "24 Tchassa" demanding legalization of same-sex marriage.

The Chelyabinsk, Russia, gay group Freedom of Conscience demanded the government legalize gay marriage.


Gays in India formed a national network called LGBT India.

Jerusalem's first gay/lesbian centre opened.

Mongolia's first gay organization, Talivan, formed.

Fiji's first gay group, the Sexual Minorities Project, is established.

Murmansk, Russia's first gay organization, The Circle, was officially registered with the government.

Gays and lesbians in Belarus staged their first pride celebrations.

The Bank of Scotland ended a partnership with homophobic U.S. televangelist Pat Robertson following protests by gays and their supporters.

Great year 1999!! Injustice being pushed back in many places.

But remember in your prayers the many gay people in utterly homophobic societies where to come out means punishment or death.

We remember them before you, O Lord!

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